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You are only 7% conscious 93% is your unconsciousness. You are in thoughts- in dreams- in desires-in illusions. In Maya you see everything which is not there. Even during day time you are in day dreaming, ypur inner chattering always continuous.
You have only limited life, your senses are very weak, you can see only few feet, heaes upto small distance, touch superficial, taste smell everything limited and you are only 7% have created mind by learning all borrowed thoughts and logic which are not yours. Your mind only lives in past and future only.The past is dead and future has not come yet, and how it be we never know. Man lives with this dead past and imagination of future time. It is stupidity to live in past and future which are all illusions. The present moment is not time, if you can live here now in present moment it takes you beyond time and beyond mind in infinity in divine world- Kingdom of God . You are looking on all objects outside you, never look inside. You are only looking outwards never looking to yourself. Now remember yourself, look in. Close your eyes and look inside deeper and deeper- there is silence wher nothing ever moves and that is your being. That centre of cyclone is here now. It is not part of time. It is eternal meditation is getting in here now in present moment in silent space. This space is you. Here now is possible because you have never gone out of it. It is always there when you are in love, you are here now. so love is God and God is love. such moments such  space comes many times in your life but you are not conscious about it and miss it.
Have the taste of this moment, it is sacred , once you have tasted it, now nothing will taste better, everything will look ordinary, mundane because God flashed like lightning. In that moment time stops, thinking stops  and you have experienced  here now the orgasmic experience. Ypu are resurrected- twice born second birth.
Seeing sunset sun is setting  falling and falling, a moment more and it will be gone, colours in clouds and sublime beauty, birds returning back to their homes, silence setting on  the earth, trees getting ready to go to  sleep, such a silence space is created and you are in that space- You experience herenow- God is there.


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You can be angry only when you are unconscious, you forget yourself. If you are aware , conscious, anger is not possible. You see all the objects in other world but you never look upon yourself. For awareness self remembering is needed. If you can be continiously aware on yourself you become more conscious and there is no thoughts, mind stops. No mind is created and you are in your nature- silent and peaceful, alert and aware. You are at home, in your being. You can not do anything wrong. Anger,greed, sex, crime, hate , murder, rape , robbery- these all can be done only when you are unconscious. All sins can be done only when you are unconscious, Y can become unconscious when you think. Be more and more alert and aware by living in present moment, here and now  and having continious self remembering. When you live and experience yourself your life immediately changes- self relaxation (Vidhya). Science experiments on matter and gets the knowledge but by knowing it your life does not c…