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In thinking you are separate from existence . In no thinking in silence you are one with existence. You are not and whole is.

Meditate and feel that you are the whole,opinion of  others about you creates the ego as such you have no self , you are the whole (God), so ego is substitute for self , ego has no substance and no roots. It is only the shadow . Moon reflected in the lake  is not the moon . But without I you disintegrate , so you have created a false I , false center, you feel I am the ego, you don't know your center so false center is created . You feel I am the ego, it is useful in life. this false center became yourself.

You are the ego , man can not live without ego , you don't know the self, so ego becomes yourself. You accumulate others opinion and strengthen your ego.If others opinion is withdrawn , you fall apart you needs others attention, you need continuous support, even children needs others attention unless you know the self, you will have to live with ego…


Follow your life here now, be spontaneous moment to moment, responding each moment. Existence never repeats, every moment creates new fresh alive. You can become only yourself and nobody else,don't try to copy anybody, you have nothing else to become, nothing to chase, you are already that which you wanted to be, you can not seek and search for God because God is already the case.

The only way to become a Buddha and only thing to attain is consciousness, awareness. You are choice less awareness. Awareness becomes more and more, higher and higher, when you live moment to moment, here now spontaneous. To live in present moment is the only meditation and here now is awakening, live your life, it is the only reality, all else is the mind. Always follow reality and wherever it leads  go with it. Your potential can be realized when you live moment. You are the barrier because of your unconscious and your identifications. Don't waste your energy in mundane things- in thinking- in min…


Nothing wrong can be given by God to you. If you feel something is wrong , it is your projection.

Anger can be transformed into compassion, If there is no anger , the person will never be compassionate.

Salvation is fulfillment , life in all fullness. peaceful life who you are to fill within you, the good that has no opposites, the joy of being that depends on nothing outside, itself It is felt, not as  a passing experience but as an abiding presence. <strong>It is to know God </strong>not as something outside you, but as your most innermost essence. True salvation is to know yourself as an inseparable part of the timeless and formless all mighty God. A life from which all that exist derives its being. True salvation is a state of freedom from fear,. from suffering from perceived state of lack and insufficiency and therefore from wanting, needing, grasping and clinging. It is freedom from compulsive thinking ,from negetivity and above all from past and future as a psycholog…