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Follow your life here now, be spontaneous moment to moment, responding each moment. Existence never repeats, every moment creates new fresh alive. You can become only yourself and nobody else,don't try to copy anybody, you have nothing else to become, nothing to chase, you are already that which you wanted to be, you can not seek and search for God because God is already the case.

The only way to become a Buddha and only thing to attain is consciousness, awareness. You are choice less awareness. Awareness becomes more and more, higher and higher, when you live moment to moment, here now spontaneous. To live in present moment is the only meditation and here now is awakening, live your life, it is the only reality, all else is the mind. Always follow reality and wherever it leads  go with it. Your potential can be realized when you live moment. You are the barrier because of your unconscious and your identifications. Don't waste your energy in mundane things- in thinking- in mind activities. Reserve your energy from wherever it is leaking and wasting it.

Whenever you are full of energy and energy starts overflowing, you attain to an inner orgasm, that orgasm is ' Satori '- glimpses of the whole. When that orgasm becomes your constant state of your being is called SAMADHI. Just be, whatever you are here now, present in present moment, fully conscious. This is the door to Divine and Divine enters in you.

Jesus says, Knock and the door shall be opened in to you . you remain alert, aware, open, here now, present in present moment and God knocks at the door. He is continuously knocking but you are not there to hear, to listen, you are not there to open the door. God is available and you are missing him. Remain available and everything will happen to you.Life showers from everywhere. Nobody is hindering the path except you, you are absent. life is tremendous misery, you can merge, you can live, you can enjoy- it is endless journey, greater and greater revelations are waiting.

<strong>Your treasure is already within you</strong> Your mind is a problem, your life is not a problem, you are contentiously  in thoughts, your eyes are wondering somewhere else, be here now this is the time and this is the space, be present in present moment just now. Be more conscious and witness- look how you are becoming unconscious and remain absent.

You have been provided all which you are seeking, nothing is lacking, be alert, alive and see realize it. Live God you are it. you are not part, you are the whole-holy-religious. The whole treasure is yours.


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You can be angry only when you are unconscious, you forget yourself. If you are aware , conscious, anger is not possible. You see all the objects in other world but you never look upon yourself. For awareness self remembering is needed. If you can be continiously aware on yourself you become more conscious and there is no thoughts, mind stops. No mind is created and you are in your nature- silent and peaceful, alert and aware. You are at home, in your being. You can not do anything wrong. Anger,greed, sex, crime, hate , murder, rape , robbery- these all can be done only when you are unconscious. All sins can be done only when you are unconscious, Y can become unconscious when you think. Be more and more alert and aware by living in present moment, here and now  and having continious self remembering. When you live and experience yourself your life immediately changes- self relaxation (Vidhya). Science experiments on matter and gets the knowledge but by knowing it your life does not c…