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In thinking you are separate from existence . In no thinking in silence you are one with existence. You are not and whole is.

Meditate and feel that you are the whole,opinion of  others about you creates the ego as such you have no self , you are the whole (God), so ego is substitute for self , ego has no substance and no roots. It is only the shadow . Moon reflected in the lake  is not the moon . But without I you disintegrate , so you have created a false I , false center, you feel I am the ego, you don't know your center so false center is created . You feel I am the ego, it is useful in life. this false center became yourself.

You are the ego , man can not live without ego , you don't know the self, so ego becomes yourself. You accumulate others opinion and strengthen your ego.If others opinion is withdrawn , you fall apart you needs others attention, you need continuous support, even children needs others attention unless you know the self, you will have to live with ego , ego becomes your main center. You fear to go in love , death and meditation so you always go on strengthening your ego, drop the ego, you are not interested, you feel death of ego is my death. You say I am separate from God and so I will manage my protection. But you are the whole and never separated from the whole. Your doing always strengthens more ego. But you are one with whole , so you are not the doer, the whole is the doer.

Understand well that God is the doer so don't become the doer and ego disappears.

When you meditate you are alone, there is no other and you don't need others opinion. so ego falls a part when ego is dropped you know that I am not the drop but whole ocean, you are the whole, you are also not, only God is, whole is , the only consciousness is.

You love but there is no love, there is no heart in it,only when your heart beats in love, then only you know that I am one with God, I am not separate and individual, I am the whole you are only in thoughts, you are in mind. Who am I ? you only know when you know I am the whole and not separate from God- the whole . The whole is choice less awareness and so I am also awareness. Ego drops, mind also drops and you are not the doer then ego drops only God is the doer.Then there is heart to heart communion, you go back to your center , a source from which you have come, you are back home. All tears, all trembling goes away . you know your soul and the soul is deathless, never dies. Atma is parmatmah , you know God and God is love. you love living life totally . you are deathless and remain always as you are , you feel the divine the source of life ultimate comes to you when all your doors are opened towards the divine , the ultimate will knock at your door and doors are open when you are not there and only God is, when you are absent you are the whole not there as separate individual . When you are absent then only there space for God to enter in to you, ultimate is so vast , you have to be so vastly empty infinite emotionless only then invisible God meets you you was the barrier,now you are the whole God , you never meet him but merge and mingled and become the whole ( God)

God is invisible, atomic we cant see him , man is visible gross body so it is not possible that invisible can meet the visible.

But in our life there are many opportunities when man can become invisible. Man when totally involved in dancing for a long time, the dancer disappears and only dance remains , The man becomes invisible and becomes capable to meet inside God.

A man hearing the highest music when deeply involved in music, the man disappears and only music remains , man becomes invisible . Two 0+0 meets and becomes one , man meets the God and become God In reality man is not and whole is. only God is.Man when deeply involved in Bhakti disappears and become the whole God.Such are the heart to heart communion possible in life and you are already that which you are searching . you can become only yourself and nothing else.  You did not know that you are the whole but in reality you are the whole and nothing else, it is already the case, . when you are deeply involved in meditation - you become no mind- there is no thinking mind and you experience your reality , you are already that which you want to be, you are the whole , you are the God - is reality, is the truth= understand this experience  this in your life and is possible for you, you are the miracle- almighty God. Your hidden harmony, your inner treasure is the whole- holy- religion - God only. You can realize it, it is nature, your reality is God , is you ,your nature - your being your enlightenment - your Buddha hood. Your mind is not capable to realize God . Your temple, pilgrimage, prayers- Bhajan kirtan, japjap, mantras all are mind -all are away from all mighty God. Don't waste your energy in it.


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