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Nothing wrong can be given by God to you. If you feel something is wrong , it is your projection.

Anger can be transformed into compassion, If there is no anger , the person will never be compassionate.

Salvation is fulfillment , life in all fullness. peaceful life who you are to fill within you, the good that has no opposites, the joy of being that depends on nothing outside, itself It is felt, not as  a passing experience but as an abiding presence. <strong>It is to know God </strong>not as something outside you, but as your most innermost essence. True salvation is to know yourself as an inseparable part of the timeless and formless all mighty God. A life from which all that exist derives its being. True salvation is a state of freedom from fear,. from suffering from perceived state of lack and insufficiency and therefore from wanting, needing, grasping and clinging. It is freedom from compulsive thinking ,from negetivity and above all from past and future as a psychological need.

You get there by realizing that you are there already and here now is the only point from where you can get there. You find God the moment you realize that you don't need to seek God. Now is the only time to find it and here is the only place to get him. There can be no salvation away from this moment, there is nothing you can ever do or attain that will get you closer to salvation than it is at this moment. You do it now or not at all.

We think and hope that money, power, prestige, good health, all security, mental health, physical health, sex, happiness everything. when I 'll achieve it I 'll have no fear- plenty of good food- family- and all desires fulfilled , I will be very very happy  but mountains from far away seems beautiful and nothing satisfy you. You are always unhappy and illusions and dreams all around you. All Maya -illusions and dreams . You are always in misery. Everything is short lived, you never reach to salvation, then death comes and all will be gone , you go alone. Nothing wrong can be given by God , all can be used for higher and higher experiences, everything can be used as stepping stone to meet the Divine.

Today the whole of humanity tries to achieve it in outer world and nobody is interested  to look inside. Even Samrat Shikander the  great warrior, after winning the whole world is not fulfilled, At last he says at the time of death, " I'm going back without achieving anything- my hands are empty".

We are interested only on outside objects where there is nothing , now turns towards you, to know your subjectivity, know thyself  who you are? and  after knowing yourself go deeper find your soul and then go deeper to find your emptiness- nothingness and in that space of silence and peace realize God and <strong>salvation is yours.


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You can be angry only when you are unconscious, you forget yourself. If you are aware , conscious, anger is not possible. You see all the objects in other world but you never look upon yourself. For awareness self remembering is needed. If you can be continiously aware on yourself you become more conscious and there is no thoughts, mind stops. No mind is created and you are in your nature- silent and peaceful, alert and aware. You are at home, in your being. You can not do anything wrong. Anger,greed, sex, crime, hate , murder, rape , robbery- these all can be done only when you are unconscious. All sins can be done only when you are unconscious, Y can become unconscious when you think. Be more and more alert and aware by living in present moment, here and now  and having continious self remembering. When you live and experience yourself your life immediately changes- self relaxation (Vidhya). Science experiments on matter and gets the knowledge but by knowing it your life does not c…