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More you gather knowledge, the more your mind will become immature. Life goes on falling, life goes on changing, your remains the same, because if it is from past, life is here now. when you react , you react from your knowledge, you miss the point because it is not from here now, it is not useful for the life at present, more you function through knowledge, you are facing today with your yesterday, you will never be able to be alive, there is no freshness, no originality, no innocence, you function with your past- you are immature.

Children can learn more than adults. If he is left to himself, , he moves freely,spontaneously in present moment, learning comes easy by itself on its own accord. By the time children reaches the year eight he has learn almost seventy percent of whatever he is going to learn in his whole life.

You need beautiful being, your innermost being,  not rich in money but rich in your being, you don't need things but an open being learn life of consciousness, rest of life he will learn remaining thirty percent only and then his capacity to learn less and less, more he knows less he learns . Knowledge makes you less receptive, less open when you know much you miss much.

Take interest in existence, being and life and not in power , prestige, money, house, car etc. Don't take more interest in things but take care about your being, your existence, otherwise you will miss life and remain immature.


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You can be angry only when you are unconscious, you forget yourself. If you are aware , conscious, anger is not possible. You see all the objects in other world but you never look upon yourself. For awareness self remembering is needed. If you can be continiously aware on yourself you become more conscious and there is no thoughts, mind stops. No mind is created and you are in your nature- silent and peaceful, alert and aware. You are at home, in your being. You can not do anything wrong. Anger,greed, sex, crime, hate , murder, rape , robbery- these all can be done only when you are unconscious. All sins can be done only when you are unconscious, Y can become unconscious when you think. Be more and more alert and aware by living in present moment, here and now  and having continious self remembering. When you live and experience yourself your life immediately changes- self relaxation (Vidhya). Science experiments on matter and gets the knowledge but by knowing it your life does not c…